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Recon Cyber Security has been providing the most accredited Penetration Testing courses Online. These courses provide students with a solid foundation for future work opportunities at numerous big-name companies across India. The institute provides high-quality lessons focused on real-world scenarios so students can learn how to conduct security audits themselves or become expert hackers for whichever company they choose to work for. And there is no need for you to worry about where to find an available position after graduating from this prestigious institution. Recon Cyber Security will offer 100% placement assistance following courses from one of their Penetration Testing course program.

Recon Cyber Security is one of India’s topmost and most well-known centers for penetration testing training, boasting state-of-the-art infrastructure. It caters to the requirements of every single student through expertly designed courses by its team of experts. With post-graduation from this institution, you can count yourself among those highly respected professionals who are equipped with all the latest technology used in today’s world. But it doesn’t stop there! Even after getting certified from Recon Cyber Security, you will find yourselves being actively sought out for employment opportunities because we provide some of the best job assistance possible through our large network of contacts which includes industrial heads and recruitment specialists.

This Penetration testing course is available in both online and offline modes

What does penetration testing entail?

Penetration testing is important for designing secure systems. Ethical hackers use it to find vulnerabilities before malware does. As technology evolves, new security issues arise. Penetration testing is now essential for preventing cyber attacks and securing sensitive data. It helps protect the average consumer or business owner's assets from being stolen or leaked by cybercriminals.

What You’ll Learn?
  • Scanning Network, Web-Application, Vulnerabilities
  • Installation and Work with multiple operating sytems
  • Different types of Hacking attacks
  • Made connection with Trojan, Ransomware, Metasploit etc.
  • Wi-Fi made simple to setup your hacking environment.

Course Curriculum

In this course, students will learn multiple attacking techniques to find out vulnerabilities and how to exploit them. Like: Scanning, Wifi Hacking, Mobilie Hacking, etc. Participants learn to use kali linux.

Week 1-2

We start some basic lessons in our first month of the Ethical Hacking Course for a better understanding of this course.

8 Lessons

  • How to plan your Penetration Testing
  • Scoping your Penetration Testing
  • Network & Web-Application
  • Scanning Vulnerability
         Port Scanning
         Script scanning
         Service & Version Scanning
         Web-Application Scanning
  • Exploitation with Metasploit

         Exploit Vulnerability
         Bind & Reverse Shell
         Payload Creation, etc.
  • Post-Exploitation
  • Pivoting Attack
  • Browser exploitation
         BEEF Exploit
Week 3-4

Now we continue some Advanced attacking lessons in our Second month of the Penetration Testing Course.

4 Lessons

  • In-Depth Password Attacks
         John the Ripper
         Brute Force Attack
         Dictionary Attack
         Rainbow Table Attack
         Other Password Cracking Tools
  • Crcking / Solving CTF's
  • Final Analysis
  • Final Report Generation
         Manual Reporting
         Automatic Reporting

Course Rating

5.00 average rating based on 70 rating

(5 Review)


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Suman Gupta
1 Week ago

I recently completed the Recon Cyber Security Penetration Testing course, and I must say it exceeded my expectations. The course content was comprehensive and well-structured, covering all the essential topics in-depth. The instructors were knowledgeable and engaging, providing real-world examples and hands-on exercises that enhanced the learning experience. The course also offered practical tips and techniques for reconnaissance, which are crucial for effective penetration testing. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity.

Comment Images
3 Weeks ago
Chetan Gupta

The Recon Cyber Security Penetration Testing course was an incredible learning journey for me. The instructors were experts in the field, and their passion for cybersecurity was evident throughout the course. The content was up-to-date, covering the latest tools and methodologies used in reconnaissance. The hands-on labs were challenging yet rewarding, allowing me to apply the knowledge gained in a practical setting. The course also provided excellent support, with a dedicated community forum where I could ask questions and interact with fellow students. I'm grateful for this course, as it has equipped me with the skills needed to excel in the field of penetration testing.

Comment Images
Tillu Singh
1 Month ago

If you're serious about becoming a penetration tester, then the Recon Cyber Security Penetration Testing course is a must-take. The course curriculum covers everything you need to know about reconnaissance, from passive information gathering to active scanning techniques. The instructors are industry professionals with extensive experience, and they provide practical insights and best practices that are invaluable for real-world scenarios. The course materials are well-organized and easy to follow, and the hands-on labs help solidify the concepts learned. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their penetration testing skills.

Comment Images
Rama Singh
3 Months ago

I recently completed the Recon Cyber Security Penetration Testing course, and I can confidently say that it provided me with a thorough and practical understanding of reconnaissance techniques. The course content was well-structured, taking me through the fundamentals and gradually building up to more advanced topics. The hands-on exercises were challenging and closely resembled real-world scenarios, which made the learning experience highly valuable. The instructors were responsive to questions and provided timely feedback. This course has undoubtedly enhanced my penetration testing skills and has given me the confidence to tackle complex security challenges.

Comment Images
Manoj Kumar
5 Months ago

I have learned the most effective ethical hacking and penetration testing training in recon cybersecurity. Guys, you must go for recon where u learned.....ethical hacking or any technology for the industrial project .....recon is one of the most effective and best training center in Delhi...


Fraquently Asked

Penetration testing, also known as pen testing or ethical hacking, is a proactive security assessment conducted to identify vulnerabilities in a system, network, or application. It involves simulating real-world attacks to uncover potential weaknesses and provide recommendations for strengthening security defenses.

Penetration testing is important for several reasons. It helps organizations identify and understand their vulnerabilities, assess the effectiveness of their security controls, and validate the overall security posture. By uncovering weaknesses before malicious actors do, organizations can proactively mitigate risks and enhance their security measures.

While vulnerability scanning involves automated tools that identify known vulnerabilities in systems and networks, penetration testing goes a step further. Penetration testers simulate real-world attacks, actively exploit vulnerabilities, and attempt to penetrate the defenses of an organization. Penetration testing provides a more comprehensive assessment by combining automated scanning with manual techniques.

The penetration testing process typically involves the following steps:

1. Planning and reconnaissance: Gathering information about the target system or network.

2. Scanning: Identifying open ports, services, and potential vulnerabilities.

3. Gaining access: Attempting to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access.

4. Maintaining access: Establishing a foothold and maintaining persistence within the target system or network.

5. Analysis and reporting: Documenting findings, including vulnerabilities discovered, risks posed, and recommendations for remediation.

Penetration testing is legal as long as it is conducted with proper authorization and consent from the owner of the systems being tested. Organizations usually engage professional penetration testing firms or employ internal teams to perform authorized tests and ensure legal compliance. Unethical or unauthorized penetration testing without consent is illegal and can lead to severe consequences.

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