Course Description

Recon Cyber Security provides the best accredited Android Penetration Testing Course that offers the best Android Penetration Testing Course on practical exams that help aspirants gain professional skills. The institute offers practical and career-based Android Penetration Testing courses to help students find their dream job at various MNCs. Students are given the opportunity to gain practical experience in participating in real Android Penetration Testing projects and 100% placement assistance. The highly experienced industry professionals run the Recon Cyber Security Android Penetration Testing Course. It is recognized as the leading Android Penetration Testing Course, operating on a mix of practical learning and learning theory. This type of comprehensive behavioral training with good exposure facilitates the complete transition of the student into a professional.

What does it mean to do mobile app penetration testing?

Mobile phones are what people use on a day-to-day basis nowadays—with them taking the place of everything else, such as computers. In 2015 Americans spent an average of 55% of their digital minutes using mobile apps and this number climbing every year. More specifically, you'll find that there's an app for nearly anything you could want out there. And while this is fantastic, it doesn't come without its downfalls - one major drawback being the safety risk posed by poor security protocols in mobile devices. Thankfully though, if there's one thing we've got going for us it's testing—because thanks to penetration testing (done by professionals), corporations can find potential risks or oversights in their software before delivering it out to customers!

What You’ll Learn?
  • Scanning Network, Web-Application, Vulnerabilities
  • Installation and Work with multiple operating sytems
  • Different types of Hacking attacks
  • Made connection with Trojan, Ransomware, Metasploit etc.
  • Wi-Fi made simple to setup your hacking environment.

Course Curriculum

In this course, students will learn about OMASP (Open Mobile Application Security Project) Top 10 critical Vulnerabilities and how to find them on live environment. Like: XSS, RFI-LFI attack, File uploading, SQL injection, etc.

Week 1-2

We start some basic lessons in our first month of the Mobile App Penetration Testing Course for a better understanding of this course.

11 Lessons

  • Introduction to Mobile-App Testing
  • Lab Setup
  • Android Fundamentals
  • APK File Structure
  • Reversing with APKtook / Jadx-GUI
  • Reversing with mobSF
  • Static Analysis
  • Scanning Vulnerabilities with Drozer
  • Improper Platform Usage
  • Log Analysis
  • Insecure storage
Week 2-3

Now we continue some Advanced attacking lessons in our Second month of the mobile app penetration testing Course.

10 Lessons

  • Insecure Communication
  • Hard Coding issues
  • Insecure Authentication
  • Insufficient Functionality
  • Code Tempering
  • Extraneous functionality
  • SSL Pinning
  • Intercepting the Network Traffic
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Report Preparation

Course Rating

5.00 average rating based on 480+ rating

(5 Review)


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Kalyan Singh
1 Week ago

I recently completed the Mobile Application Pen-Testing training course offered by Recon Cyber Security, and I must say it was outstanding. The trainers were exceptional in their expertise and delivered the content with great clarity and depth. The course offered a perfect blend of theory and practical exercises, allowing me to apply my knowledge immediately. The training environment was excellent, with all the necessary tools and resources readily available. I feel much more confident now in my ability to conduct mobile app penetration tests. Thank you, Recon Cyber Security!

Comment Images
3 Weeks ago
Aman Singh

Recon Cyber Security's Mobile Application Pen-Testing training course exceeded all my expectations. The course was well-structured and comprehensive, covering all the essential topics in mobile app security testing. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and provided practical insights into real-world scenarios. The hands-on exercises and labs were invaluable in honing my skills, and the course materials were well-designed and easy to follow. I highly recommend this training course to anyone interested in mastering mobile app penetration testing.

Comment Images
Muzzamil Khan (Qatar)
1 Month ago

The Mobile Application Pen-Testing training course by Recon Cyber Security was a game-changer for me. The course content was comprehensive, covering both iOS and Android platforms, and diving into advanced techniques for identifying vulnerabilities and securing mobile apps. The trainers were not only knowledgeable but also passionate about the subject, which made the learning experience highly engaging. The hands-on labs were challenging and provided a practical approach to mastering the concepts. This training course has definitely taken my pen-testing skills to the next level.

Comment Images
Sonu Chauhan
3 Months ago

If you're looking to enhance your skills in mobile app penetration testing, Recon Cyber Security's Mobile Application Pen-Testing training course is a must. The course material is up-to-date, focusing on the latest threats and techniques used by attackers. The trainers are experts in the field and provide excellent guidance throughout the course. The practical exercises and simulations offered a realistic experience, preparing me to identify vulnerabilities and secure mobile apps effectively. This training course has undoubtedly helped me become a more competent mobile app security professional.

Comment Images
Victor Ijoma (South Africa)
5 Months ago

Recon Cyber Security's Mobile Application Pen-Testing training course is exceptional. The instructors are highly experienced and provided valuable insights into the world of mobile app security testing. The course structure is well-designed, progressing from the basics to advanced techniques systematically. The hands-on labs and real-world scenarios were the highlights of the course, allowing me to apply my knowledge in a practical setting. The training materials and resources provided were top-notch. I am grateful for this course as it has elevated my skills and opened up new career opportunities in the cybersecurity field.


Fraquently Asked

Mobile app penetration testing is the process of assessing the security of a mobile application by simulating real-world attack scenarios. It involves identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the app's code, network communications, and backend systems to prevent potential exploits by malicious actors.

Mobile app penetration testing is crucial for ensuring the security of mobile applications. It assists identify weaknesses that might be exploited by hackers, causing hacking, unauthorized access, savings, and damage to an organization. By conducting regular penetration tests, organizations can proactively address security flaws and enhance the overall security posture of their mobile apps.

Common vulnerabilities found in mobile apps include insecure data storage, weak authentication mechanisms, inadequate session management, insecure communication, code tampering, reverse engineering, and lack of input validation. These flaws can be used to gain access without authorization, obtain secrets, or alter the functioning of this program.

While regular app testing focuses on functional aspects, mobile app penetration testing specifically targets security vulnerabilities. Regular testing ensures the app functions as intended, while penetration testing goes beyond and aims to identify weaknesses that could be exploited by attackers. It involves actively attempting to bypass security measures, replicate real-world attack scenarios, and assess the app's resistance to various threats.

Mobile app penetration testing typically follows a systematic approach, which includes reconnaissance, threat modeling, vulnerability scanning, exploitation, and reporting. The tester analyses data about the application, finds threat vectors, makes an attempt to exploit vulnerabilities, and then gives a detailed report explaining conclusions and suggestions for correction.

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