Course Description

Learn the best certified Ethical hacking course through one of our intensive courses and experience it for yourself by acquiring knowledge of hacking essentials from verified experts. Gain an expert understanding of ethical hacking, algorithms, protocol integration, and programming and data mining methods, with detailed skill, and set workshops on maintaining internal network security after exploitation. Also, complete your ethical hacking course in Hindi online and offline with a certificate through a journey that includes interactive simulations and hands-on activities while going beyond theory to put what you’ve learned into practice in ways that only Recon Cyber Security can offer!

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking, also known as "penetration testing" or "pen testing," is the practice of using hacking techniques to identify Vulnerability assessment and weaknesses in computer systems, networks, and applications. Ethical hackers are authorized to test the security measures of a system with the aim of improving its security, rather than exploiting it for malicious purposes.

What You’ll Learn?
  • Scanning Network, Web-Application, Vulnerabilities
  • Installation and Work with multiple operating sytems
  • Different types of Hacking attacks
  • Made connection with Trojan, Ransomware, Metasploit etc.
  • Wi-Fi made simple to setup your hacking environment.

Course Curriculum

In this course, students will learn multiple attacking techniques to find out vulnerabilities and how to exploit them. Like: Scanning, Wifi Hacking, Mobilie Hacking, etc. Participants learn to use kali linux.

Week 1-4

We start some basic lessons in our first month of the Ethical Hacking Course for a better understanding of this course.

9 Lessons

  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Kali Linux Hands on Training
  • Reconnaissance / Information Gathering
         Active Foot-Printing
         Pasisve Foot-Printing
         Finger Printing Active / Passive
  • Scanning Networks
         Host Discovery
         TCP / UDP Port Scanning
         Vulnerability Scanning
  • Enumeration
  • System Hacking
         Physical Access
         Windows / Linux OS
         Password Bypass, Cracking, Backdoor, etc.
  • Malware and Threats
  • Social Engineering
         Phishing Attack
         Vishing Attack
         Impersonation Attack
  • Denial of Service Attack (DOS)
         DOS Attack
         DDOS Attack
Week 5-8

Now we continue some Advanced attacking lessons in our Second month of the Ethical Hacking Course.

12 Lessons

  • Session Hijacking
  • Wireless Hacking
         WEP / WPS / WPA Authentication
         Wifi Captive portal attack
  • Mobile Hacking
  • Hacking Web-Application
  • SQL Injection
  • Hacking web server
  • Sniffing / Sniffers Attack
         MITM Attack
         DHCP Poisioning Attack
         MAC Address Attack, etc.
  • IDS, Firewall, Honeypot
  • Cryptography
  • Basics of Cloud Computing
  • Basics of IoT Hacking
  • Basics of Penetration testing

Course Rating

5.00 average rating based on 79+ rating

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Sneha Sinha
1 Week ago

Mamatic Cyber Forensics | ethical hacking institute in delhi Recon Cyber Security is a professional company, which aims to train its employees with global values for India and abroad. Over 16 Years in Advanced IT Training, IT Framework Development and Support. Regional offices in India and abroad, all aimed at grooming global IT professionals to serve the industry. With a little bit of luck, more than 100 companies like Delhi Police, Haryana Police etc. stand by our decision to protect their most important and high level jobs.

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3 Weeks ago
Harshita Gupta

I am very happy to join in recon cyber security. There is a lots of knowledge about ethical hacking.

Comment Images
Madhav Mujral
1 Month ago

It is a great place to get the Industry work standard knowledge. Especially Nitin Sir is the best trainer ever for training purposes.I himself learned Ethical hacking from here So I can assure you guys blindly join this institute if u also want to be a professional ethical hacker. You don't need to have any knowledge of it. Just hunger to learn is needed. I would like to thanks Nitin sir and Recon Cyber Security. best of luck guys.

Comment Images
Suparna Malakar
3 Months ago

Best institute to become certified ethical hacker. Without any management issues the classes always start on time. All our trainers having more than seven years experience. It was really amazing to join Recon cyber security. Really perfect package.

Comment Images
Manoj Kumar
5 Months ago

I have learned the most effective ethical hacking and penetration testing training in recon cybersecurity. Guys, you must go for recon where u learned.....ethical hacking or any technology for the industrial project .....recon is one of the most effective and best training center in Delhi...


Fraquently Asked

Anyone who has a keen interest in the field of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi is welcome to apply for this outstanding training through our dedicated institution of Recon Cyber Security at Burari and Laxmi Nagar locations.

In Delhi, there are many options for an Information Security or ethical Hacking course. One can safely and successfully choose Recon Cyber Security Institution for its world-class training program through some of the most skilled mentors in this field.

In boosting the security of computer networks, the practice of “white hat” hacking, often referred to as ethical hacking, involves locating security vulnerabilities. Ethical hackers use the same techniques and tools as malicious hackers, but with the owner’s permission to identify and fix vulnerabilities rather than exploit them.

If you’re serious about cybersecurity and want to solve weaknesses in networks or computer systems, ethical hacking is a fantastic career choice for you. As businesses rely more on digital networks to function, there will be greater demand for ethical hackers. It is obvious that ethical hacking calls for particular skill sets in addition to a dedication to moral guidelines.

At our Cyber Security Institute in Burari or Laxmi Nagar, anyone can enroll regardless of prior experience and learn from scratch to become an ethical hacker without wasting any time and learn more about us .

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