Eight Months Advanced Cyber Security Course Includes

Bug Hunting

Bug bounty hunters are computer specialists who find hidden vulnerabilities in software. They're hot commodities right now in Japan, where the increasing number of cyber attacks is putting enormous pressure on companies that need to update their cybersecurity.

Malware Analysis

Malware analysis is the process of detecting and reducing potential threats in a website, application, or server. It is a crucial process that ensures computer security as well as the safety and security of an organization with regard to sensitive information.

IoT + Security

An Internet of Things device is any network-connected physical asset that isn't a computer. It may seem redundant, but while enterprises' IT teams protect standard IT devices with traditional network security technology and protocols, the lack of knowledge about these new 'things' has left IoT+ devices unprotected in many cases.

CTF (Capture the Flag)

The Capture The Flag (CTF) Information Security Competition provides participants with an opportunity to take part in a series of tasks that vary in difficulty and type, among them: Wikipedia scavenger hunts, programming puzzles, or even intruding into servers to extract classified documents. At the end of this event, they will receive prizes depending on how well they've done.

What You’ll Learn?
  • Scanning Network, Web-Application, Vulnerabilities
  • Installation and Work with multiple operating sytems
  • Different types of Hacking attacks.
  • Wi-Fi made simple to setup your hacking environment.

Syllabus of Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security

In this course, students will learn Basic to Expert Level Penetration Testing techniques to find out vulnerabilities andhow to exploit them. Like: Bug Hunting, VA/PT, IOT Security, OSCP Training, etc.

    • XSS
    • Host Header
    • Url Redirection
    • Command Injection
    • Critical File Found
    • FIle Inclusion
    • Source Code Disclosure
    • File Upload
    • Parameter Tampering
    • SPF
    • SQL
    • No Rate limiting
    • Long Password Dos
    • IDOR
    • Joomla Security Vulnerabilities
    • Account Lockout
    • Apache http Server Byte Range DOS
    • Apache Struts RCE Hunting
    • Application Server Vulnerabilities
    • Authentication Testing
    • Blind XSS
    • Buffer Overflow
    • CMS Hunting
    • Compherensive Command Injection
    • Cryptographic Vulnerabilities
    • CSRF
    • Drupal Security Vulnerabilities
    • Account takeover Through Support Service
    • Exposed Source Control
    • Extraction Information And Geo Location Through Uploaded images
    • Heartbleed
    • HSTS
    • HTTPOXY Attack
    • Identity Management Testing
    • Advanced Indirect object Refrence
    • Multi Factor Authentication (2FA) Security Testing
    • Password Reset Poisoning
    • Server side injection (SSI)
    • Session Fixiation
    • Shell Shock RCE Testing
    • SSRF
    • Testing For Session Management
    • Ticket Security Testing
    • Web Cache Deception Attack
    • Webmin Unauthentic RCE
    • WordPress Security testing
    • Application Logic Vulnerabilities
    • Broken AUthentication
    • Browser Cache Weakness
    • Cache Testing
    • CAPTCHA Security Testing
    • Code Injection
    • Cookies Testing
    • CORS
    • CRLF Injection
    • CSS Injection
    • DANGEROUS HTTP Methods
    • Testing For Default Configuration
    • Directory Lisitng Testing
    • DOM Clobbering
    • HTTP Parameter Pollution
    • Identity Management Testing
    • LDAP Injection
    • LOG Injection
    • Null Byte Injection
    • Oauth Secruity Testing
    • Open Redirection
    • Web Application Firewall Testing
    • Parameter Modification Testing
    • PHP Object Injection
    • RACE Condition Vulnerability
    • Relative Path Overview
    • Remote Code Injection
    • Http Headers Testing
    • SSL Security Testing
    • SSTI Testing
    • Template Injection
    • Virutal host Misconfiguration
    • Vulnerable Remember Me Testing
    • Weak Password reset
    • Web Application Firewall Testing
    • XML Quadratic Blowup
    • XML RPC Pingback
    • XXE Injection
    • Advanced Training About Burpsuite

    • The IOT Security testing Overview
    • Case Study: Connected and Self-Driving
    • Vehicles Security
    • Case Study: Microgrids
    • Case Study: Smart City Drone System
    • IOT Hardware and Software
    • Communication and Messaging Protocols
    • IOT Interfaces and Services
    • Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks
    • Case Study: The Mirai Botnet Opens Up
    • Pandora’s Box
    • Today’s Attack Vector
    • Current IOT Security Regulations
    • Current IOT Privacy Regulations
    • What is Threat Modeling
    • An Introduction to IOT Security Architectures
    • Identifying Assets
    • Creating a System Architecture
    • Documenting Threats
    • Rating Threats
    • IOT Privacy Concerns
    • Privacy By Design (PbD)
    • Conducting a Privacy Impact Assessments

  • Introduction to Malware Analysis
  • Basic Of Analysis
  • Advanced Static Analysis
  • Analyzing Windows Programs
  • Advanced Dynamic Analysis
  • Malware Behaviour
  • Data Encoding and Malware countermeasues
  • Covert Malware Launching
  • AntiAnalysis
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Rootkit Techniques

  • Introduction
         Finding Files
         Services in Kali SSH Service
         FTP Services
         HTTP Service
         Mysql Services
         Service Management
  • Basic Linux and Commands
  • Netcat Tutorials
         Getting start with NC
         Connecting to a Server
         Fetching HTTP header
         Creating a Backdoor
         Verbose Mode
         Save Output to Disk
  • Port Scanning
         TCP Delay Scan
         UDP Scan
         Reverse TCP Shell Exploitation
         Randomize Port
         File Transfer
         Reverse Netcat Shell Exploitation
         Banner grabbing
         Port Scanning With Nmap & Wireshark
         TCP Connect Scan with wireshark
         Network Sweeping with wireshark
         SYN Scan with wireshark
         UDP Scan with wireshark
         FIN Scan with wireshark
         Null Scan with wireshark
         OS Discovery with wireshark
         NSE Scripts with wireshark
         Nmap Firewall Scan
  • Enumeration
         DNS Enumeration
         Forward DNS Lookup
         Reverse DNS Lookup
         Zone Transfers
         NetBIOS & SMB Enumeration
         Null Sessions
         SMB NSE Scripts
         MSQL Enumeration
         MSSQL Enumeration
         SMTP Enumeration
         VRFY Script
         Python Port
         SNMP Enumeration
         SNMP MiB
  • Passive Info Gathering
         Google Search
         Google Hacking
         Directory Bruteforce Attack
  • Reverse Shell
         Php reverse shell
         Python reverse shell
         Perl reverse shell
         Bash reverse shell
         Msfvenom shell
  • Intro to Overflows
         Vulnerable Code
         Stack Overflow
  • Windows BO Example
         Crash Replication
         Controlling EIP
         Introducing Shellcode
         Bad Characters
         Redirecting Execution
         Introducing Mona
         Shellcode Payload
  • Linux BO Example
         Controlling EIP
         Locating Space
         First Stage Shellcode
         Locating RET
         Generating Shellcod
  • Using Public Exploits
         Finding Exploits
         Exploit – DB
         Fixing Exploits 1
         Fixing Exploits 2
         Cross – Compiling
  • File Transfers
         Python HTTP Server
         php http server
         HFS Tool
         SMB Server
         Powershell File Transfer
  • Linux Privilege Escalation
         Suid Binaries
         Absuing Sudo ‘ s Right
         Kernel Exploit
         Path Variables
         Multiple Ways to edit / etc / passwd fill
         Windows Privilege Escalation
         Weak File Permissions
         Always Install Elevated
         Bypass UAC
         Kernel Exploits
  • Web Application Attacks
         Authentication Bypass
         Error Based Enum
         Blind SQL Injection
         Attack Proxies
  • Password Cracking
         Passing the Hash
         Password Profiling
         Online Attacks
         Password Hashes
         Cracking Hashes
         LM / NTLM
  • Port Fun
         Port Forwarding
         SSH Tunnels
         Dynamic Proxies
         Proxy Chains
  • Metasploit Framework
         AUX Modules
         SNMP Modules
         SMB Modules
         WEBDAV Modules
         Database Services
         Meterpreter in Action
         Additional Payloads
         Binary Payloads
         Porting Exploits
         Post Exploitation
  • Antivirus Avoidance
         Veil – Evasion
  • Misconfigured Lab Setup WordPress lab Setup & Pentesting
         Joomla Lab Setup & Pentesting
         Drupal Lab Setup & Pentesting

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Yash Yadav

This institute is fantastic 😊 If you are serious about your career, then definitely join this institute. Recon has great trainers both online and offline. Mr. Nitin Choudhary is the best cybersecurity trainer. Thanks

Comment Images
Raju Poddar
Oct 10, 2021

RECON one of the best training institute for learning any technology of cybersecurity in Delhi NCR. I learned cybersecurity as well as python from here. I am fully satisfied with RECON Thank you RECON

Comment Images
Shubham Gupta

Recon cybersecurity is the best place to learn cyber world and it’s techniques, I have Just completed some of My course module and found bugs on many website. Nitin sir is the best tutor for cyber security they always help me and even gives motivation that not to stop and just work and build our skills...

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Manoj Kumar

I have learned the most effective ethical hacking and penetration testing training in recon cybersecurity. Guys, you must go for recon where u learned.....ethical hacking or any technology for the industrial project .....recon is one of the most effective and best training center in Delhi...

Comment Images
Navneet Choudhary

IN Delhi NCR @ RECON is Best institute for learning in cybersecurity. All the trainers are best for learner students.


Course Includes:

  • Course Level: Expert
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Levels: 4
  • Course Delivery: Online & Offline
  • Enrolled: 15k + students
  • Language: Hindi and English
  • Certificate: Yes, Diploma
  • Contact Us: +91-8595756252

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